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Dear...lord. So I slept! This morning, I was awakened by a foot, prodding me gently in the side. I opened my eyes, and above me was my Tasha, giving me a 'you are such a tool, Dad' look. And that is when I realised I was on the stairs. I had fallen asleep ON the stairs! I remember heading back upstairs and mid-way deciding it was too much effort. I think I intended on finishing the climb after a few minutes rest, but no. I remained there. As my muscles are keen to remind me.

As to that previous post, I don't even remember doing that. I think I just wanted someone to talk to me to help me sleep. To remind me that something traumatising was NOT happening to me, I'm just an insomniac. I promise, however, that the reason for the horrible typing was because I didn't turn the light on and not for any other alcohol related reason. Really. I'm just a pathetic loser who can't touch type. But these things are all new to me, okay?! When I signed on and found that post, I thought someone else had done it as a joke. But that's the cost of zombie Peter.

I'm feeling a bit better now.
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