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To Those in the Know

People are safe and that means that my appetite has returned, tenfold. Little warning? Apparently, no matter how honourable your intentions if you take food out of my hands when I'm ravenous, I'll snatch it back and tell you to 'fuck right off it's mine goddammit and you can't have it'. And then I will hunker over it so you can't snatch it away again. Liz was only taking the sandwich out of my hands because she thought she saw mould on the bread anyway. And if she said that, knowing me I would have squealed, dropped the sandwich, and run away. Well it wasn't mould anyway, it was lettuce. And my sister feels bad for making me all issuey. I told her it's not her fault, it's bloody fucking Razvan's fault. You've all been warned! I should just wear a neon sign that says "Peter Kemp: Issues!"

Katherine came to see me yesterday. She's getting a place on her own and I'm worried about her. I hope she's really ready for that. But hopefully she'll pleasently surprise everyone, and be just fine. I'll still check on her, and she'll probably get annoyed. But I can't help it. I worry. As for other things, Aly went to her OB/GYN again today, and everything seems fine. Is it okay to let myself be excited, do you think?

I miss Thomas. I need someone to tell me to stop being a girl. Someone tell me to stop being a girl!!

EDIT: A little bird (called my appointment book thing) told me it's Abby's birthday tomorrow!
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