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Uh...so one of my German relatives rang me today, a second cousin Helsa? Or...somehow related anyway. And she asked if she could purchase the estate from us for 'business reasons'. Which...sounds very strange to me. She said it was given to my father for specific reasons and he wasn't supposed to pass it on to us, he was supposed to pass it back to 'the family'. Which...if you ask me, sounds rather suss. I told her that Liz was living there and wouldn't be likely to want to sell it, and she got very stroppy with me. Then she said there's things I don't understand and was never told, and if I cooperated I would be set up for life. Except...I already rather am. I don't need anything else, and I wish she'd just leave me alone.

It's all very mysterious. But Helsa kind of always is.

Oh and I had a very enlightening chat with Stuart yesterday. He is as pleasent a man to be around as...Helsa isn't. Not that she's a man. Augh.
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