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To Those in the Know

Gavin and I had a talk last night. He told me why he came to London. He came here because some of the templars mentioned that they were having meetings in Rome because the Antichrist was in London. Lovely, hmm? So Gavin fled here, from Edinburgh, because he figured they wouldn't follow him anywhere they knew the Antichrist to be. Now pardon me while I spell that out, just in case anyone skimmed and missed the implications there. Gavin, a devout Catholic, deliberately ran to the city he believed the Antichrist to be in, because he felt safer here than with the templars. Who are, in fact, devout Catholics themselves. Is it wrong that that gives me a sense of nearly physical pleasure? After all, they were referring to me there. And we are the ones that took him in, and fed and clothed and sheltered him. All of which are Christian principles, clearly being ignored by those fuckers. And the person they brand the Antichrist is the one following them!? Goddammit.

Ahem. Sorry. Religious ranting over. Sometimes it's difficult to separate the man from the priest. Anyway, I explained the whole 'Antichrist' situation to him, and he didn't seem surprised that the templars were that deluded. And he's doing very well this morning. I'm very glad he's here. He's a very nice and thoughtful young man.

And now I have an angel to see.
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