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To Those in the Know

Thomas was in a weird mood this afternoon so little Thomas and I cheered him up! And then we played in the pool. Meaning I sat on the side with the baby and Aly, and Thomas and Gavin chased around the kids and everyone had a grand old time. Then we had a nice big family dinner...it was really nice. It's just been a really nice few days.

And now, because my Aly is gorgeous, I am sharing these. They make me feel so lucky. I am too, so that's good.

She's even gorgeous when she's not entirely pleased with me!

That's sparkling cider, and this was from sometime around the wedding. Ethan looks like he's trying to edge away from her.

This might explain why. I have no idea what she's telling him...but he looks worried.

I found a sweet picture of Aly and Kali at our wedding reception. Aly's in her going away dress there. Excuse my male moment as I point out how sexy my wife is. (At least I didn't say 'what knockers!' well...until then...)

I love that smile.

Evey came over to play with Baby Thomas the other day.

This is thanks to Deirdre who was telling me all about her sexcapades in my sauna. I look thrilled, don't I?

And lastly...Honey, what are you doing to William there? I found this on the camera so it's from recently. The look on his face is priceless.
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