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Friends Only

I met Aly and David's cousin Reina today. She's very nice, even though she said I had a big mouth. It's only fair, Aly was showing her pictures of me and I was chewing in one or more of them.

I'm still feeling slightly ill, but that's okay. I'm sure it'll sort itself out in time.

Did you all know it was my birthday tomorrow? Because...I completely forgot. I suppose that really makes sense, but yeah. Wow. I didn't even get my customary 'freak out and buy shiny things' time. Which is too bad because I want another motorcycle! It's been almost a year since I had one!

Now I'm off to shop with Svetlana. I might stop in to movie night at Victoria Lane tonight, just to see you all for a little while. And to eat Deirdre's pizza, for I crave it.
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