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To Those in the Know-from Aly

This is Aly. Peter's been moved back to the hospital again. He had another stroke and he can't move at all now, really. They'll take care of him there until he can be with us again.

I thought, because when he comes back to us, he might be a little confused at first, that it might be a good idea to leave him messages here. Things he can read about how we missed him or...anything.

Peter covered in my crap (and my cake)

Discovering his children playing in mud...

In Spain, only slightly concerned while I hide from Liz.

Needing coffee...

I think he was trying to decide what to clean first in the attic

Looking more than slightly concerned now.

And more than slightly confused.

"Aly, don't take the picture! Don't take the pi- *sigh*"

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