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To Those in the Know

I have done everything I can think of to try to get Thomas to go, including yelling "look, just fuck off, okay?!" but nothing has worked. And the thing is, the injuries that have reopened aren't even healing like a normal person. They aren't healing at all. They're just...there. Open. And rather gross. They are under bandages, but still...I just wish he didn't have to be going through this. I even when to therapy to make sure I wasn't subconsciously thinking things that were making him be stuck. But I'm fairly sure it's not me. Apparently I'm terribly messed up, but not on the 'keeping Thomas stranded' way...

Can anyone think of anything? Any reason he might be here, or a way to help him?! I'm drawing the proverbial blank, and he's my best friend. I just want to spare him this. So very badly.
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