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To Those in the Know

It would seem I have some explaining to do. A few days ago, I was given a terrifying glimpse into what the future might hold, if the Templar get their way. As I am sure you can imagine, the things I was shown were not pleasant in the least.

However, yesterday a young woman who works in the parish Father Bianco used to work in, contacted Rolf. Her name is Camellia, and she said a certain Father Dragonetti had been staying with them for a few days, and upon leaving, he broke into her room and stole Anthony's personal files which she had hidden from him. He came back a few days later, demanding information on Rolf, and she states she didn't give him any. Instead she turned him around, intending to show him the door, but as she touched him...basically she was shown the same things I saw. Poor thing. But along with those visions, were a couple pieces of very important information. Including what they want to do, and where Dragonetti is staying.

What they want is nothing new. They want demons and angels. And now they have exact information on who they are, thanks ever so to Daphne. They're almost done spreading their fear, and when they feel that people are afraid enough, they want to show the masses their 'Heavenly Creatures'. That's why they've come here. The hospital. But we also know, they still don't know where it is or how to find it, thanks to Rolf. As for where Dragonetti is, he may not be staying with the rest of the lot, but even so, it's a start. He can lead us to Holden, and I believe Holden to be the key in stopping the things I saw from eventuating.

Rolf has Camellia staying with him in the hospital (Stuart's there to make sure he behaves himself...) because she's a little shaken up, understandably. Tonight, Razvan and I are going to go see if we can find Dragonetti. If we can get to them before they get to us, then this whole thing can be avoided.
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