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To Those in the Know

On Monday, I was taking a walk and Father Alessandro Dragonetti found me. Be proceeded to rant like a crazy man. More crazy than normal. And then he had a heart attack in front of me. He hasn't abandoned his quest to prove that I am somehow the bane of all Christendom, but considering he looked as unkempt as I did when I went crazy a year and a half ago..you know, the time when I hung myself? Anyway, if he's living like that, then the Templar are clearly not interested in pursuing us here. And he had the heart attack...

I couldn't leave him, however. (And yes, I know most of you won't understand that). And I didn't have a phone. I yelled for help, and a woman named Crystal actually stopped, but I obviously couldn't explain how he was all evil. So an ambulance came, and now Dragonetti has disappeared, even though I used Crystal's phone to alert Paul and Paul drove straight to the hospital.

I'm sorry he got away. But I couldn't just let him die.
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