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To Those in the Know

Home. Tired.

Not in a bad mood, even if I seem that way. Actually, I'm pretty overjoyed. Even if Thomas did mock me for crying on him. Or...did he? See, he's sneaky like that...

As for Romania, Mirela is staying with us because she's afraid of the hospital. However, as loathe as I am to lock the poor werewolves up again, I've given them a place at the hospital to stay for the moment...it's not really very safe to have them running around in London. I tried my best to explain that they are not prisoners, but I don't know how much got through. I'll work with them. Carefully, apparently, as I can now be killed.

This will make my job more interesting.... And some people talk about hazards in the workplace like not having rubber mats for wet floors... (Though that is still a hazard and yes, we have rubber mats, no harping).

Did I mention I'm tired? I'm tired. But I'm trying this...stay awake until normal bedtime to acclimate myself thing. We all know, come nightfall, I'll be buzzing again. Or just maybe Romanian demon torture is the cure to insomnia.

You never know...

PS when typing my mood, I typoed 'So Many Thongs'. How's that for an anecdote?
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