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To Those in the Know

I promised I would explain and so I will. Last Sunday, Thomas and Adrian went clubbing at the Trojan Orchestra. Thomas said they were being harassed by some arseholes who told them to fuck off to a gay club or something horrible and disgusting like that. And when they decided they would leave and find someplace more welcoming, they were followed. Thomas says he doesn't really remember what happened, but they were trying to calm the bigots down but one grabbed Thomas and held a gun to his throat. The thunderstorm the Trojan Orchestra barman told me about was Adrian supplying an angelic distraction and saving Thomas' life. Thomas was still shot, but the bullet grazed his side instead of his throat where it was aimed. They ran, but Thomas was very hurt. The arseholes with the guns were blocking the way to the car, so they ran in the opposite direction and it was a dead end.

Enter Dragomir Dumitra, Razvan's great-uncle. I use the term 'great' loosely here... We saw him in Romania. Apparently he came to London and he's been following us around... He saw Adrian's illusion and he offered to help them, as his house was close by. And he did help them...to a point. He took them home and he must have aided them a little before wandering off to get help and forgetting about them. Apparently Dragomir's son (I have no name, but Razvan calls him Fuckface?) misunderstood their capacity in the home and he locked them in the basement. Without their presence to remind Dragomir of his purpose, he forgot about them entirely and they spent six days in a room with nothing to eat while Thomas' wound got worse and worse. All because of a mistake.

This morning? Dragomir sent Thomas and Adrian the world's largest fruit basket. Hmmm.
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