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To Those in the Know

When I have visions that are not dreams, angels cannot watch them and thus they remain unclear. All that accomplishes is a seizure, a headache, and occasionally, a dent in the wall which is Peter head-sized.

I am not amused at the universe presently. Especially not when I have visions in the green grocers, causing several older women to yell, "you got epilepsy, Boy? Why aren't you wearin' a helmet!?"

That's exactly what I need. A helmet. With my crazy hair sticking out from under it.

That being said and my bitter mumbling out of the way, Naja's safe in my hospital and we had a talk today. Mostly I talked, but that's alright. I think she just needs someone to be there. And lots and lots of food. And we happen to be quite adept at providing that.

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