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To Those in the Know

Feeling better today. I got up and walked around! Which was fantastic in a mobile sense.

I'm not writing to talk about myself, however. I want to discuss the tragedies of Iris, Fort Haven and Delford. I do not believe that this was the work of the Templar. Rather, I think it's more like what the group of Supernaturals went to face in Germany. Only...not asleep.

Unfortunately, I'm also not entirely sure what they did go to face, as people seemed very hush hush about it. And I am not barred on threat of castration, from having visions and I'm taking medication to keep that from happening (though I may still have the dreams, that remains to be seen). Can anyone who went to Germany remember any specifics? I think it would be a good place to start. Something supernatural, old, and pissed off. And we'll work from there. Any progress is good.

I appear to be back...
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