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Filtered to Aly

I miss you.

I slept with a beautiful redhead last night. She came over because I was being a miseryguts. This house seems so empty without all of you in it.

Which would be because it's empty. Bright, Peter.

I've been thinking. Spending a lot of time thinking about what my life would be like without you. If I had stayed with Sabrina, god forbid. Or if I had found it impossible to be with anyone else after her and Katherine. I know I say it all the time, because you deserve to hear it, but I am so grateful for you. Every day. And I'm writing this all down now because I know you're with Isabella and I don't want to tie up the phone line right now. And I didn't want to forget.

I love you so much, My Aly. You are my inspiration. You show such kindness and strength and love in everything you do. You are absolutely incredible. The most amazing person I have ever known. I love that we work together so naturally. I love that we don't agree about everything. I love when you talk about things you love, because I can see how passionate you are. And it's gorgeous. You are gorgeous. I wouldn't change a single thing. Not you and not us. We're a team, you and I. I have never been happier or more complete.

You are my everything.
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