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To Those in the Know

My family is back and it's wonderful. I missed them a great deal. I don't think I handled then being away so well.

There's stacks of paparazzi set up outside because apparently they're harassing our neighbors. Those tabloid stories are horrible. The things people will do to sell what I will loosely call a paper. They're not taking pictures of us, of course, but do be careful if you are of a supernatural ilk. No...winging past the neighbors house, as there are people set up waiting to snap a few photos. That poor family.

There is something of importance I wanted to raise. Amadeo is still missing and Rolf believes that he may have been abducted by two of the members of the group of people who were judging London. And Bentley, who is a seer, seems to think this is possible. He had a vision of an angel being seriously hurt by two demons. Twins. And this worries me very deeply.

Combined with my continued dreams of Thomas (they're happening every night now...), I'm not entirely sure I'll be getting much sleep in the near future.
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