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To Those in the Know

I stopped taking the medication that halted my visions in the daytime, because apparently my mortality is no longer an issue. If a vision is going to break something loos =e in my head, bring it on. I'll only be repaired afterwards. And until yesterday, nothing had happened. I hadn't had a single daytime vision until I was with Katia, and then I saw a young girl in a hospital. She didn't want anyone to touch her. She said she would hurt them and she was begging for drugs. I've spent all day looking for her and then Abby came into my office and I had another one.

It was Thomas. He was nowhere. There was nothing around him. I don't...know where he was because obviously I have never seen The Beyond. He was just...in nothingness. And he told me looking is futile. We won't ever find him.

Why. Why would he tell me something like that? Why would I have a fucking vision when nothing can be done?!
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