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Filtered to Spectre's band

I feel like a bit of a dick doing this.

As you all...probably know, Johan Leidermann is my cousin. And he's in a spot of trouble that isn't actually his fault. And he's going to need a good lawyer. My uncle Gabriel is a fantastic solicitor, unfortunately he refuses to work for free. Even for family of family. And Johan refuses to take money from me for reasons I don't wish to explain here beyond use of the word 'Kempf'. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

There's no way Johan can afford Gabriel on his own. And I'm terrified without Gabriel that my cousin will go to prison. Is there anyway you could maybe...do a fundraiser gig or something? Or I can even buy a few guitars and you can sign them and sell them on E-bay. Anything. Johan shouldn't go down for this. It's wrong.

I'm very sorry to ask at all...
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