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To Those in the Know

I went to see Johan today. I sat with him for some time. Several hours. He asked me not to leave, because he wanted to sleep without being afraid. I have never seen someone so beaten, and I have seen much. And yet he's not giving up. He told me to tell you all. He's not giving up because he promised he wouldn't. He was speaking with Gabriel when I arrived, even though I have no doubt it hurts him to talk. He wanted to work on his case. And then he spoke to me. He says they've given him morphine for the pain, which is a relief. But they won't release him to my hospital. Bastards.

Seeing him so strong, even now...it makes me feel rather ashamed of my actions of late. I apologise for being as out of it as I have been. I have no excuse, and I will certainly make sure to snap out of it. If Johan can fight, so can I.

So can we all.
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