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My daughter just went out to the movies with her friends, dressed like a baby prostitute. Of course, she informs me that this is fine because she is fourteen and she can handle herself. That might be true, but I plan to deal with anyone who tries to handle her, I'll tell you fucking what.

And Caleb has now decided he is terrified because someone at karate class told him there's a skeleton inside him. Don't ask me how he managed to avoid this knowledge until now, but he seems to believe that his skeleton has it in for him and it's got a mind of it's own which it will use to rip through his skin and attack him. It's really quite morbid. He's cowering with Aly while she tries to reassure him that his bones are not made for mutiny. Meanwhile, Anna seems to be stealing all of Lydia's baby prostitute clothes and trying them on, and that just reminds me that soon I will have two teenage girls... What in the world am I going to do then!?

Oh, and this afternoon, Little Thomas tried to eat my watch. Thankfully, he did not succeed, though Anna continues to find it amusing to make time travel jokes...

Sometimes, being a father, all you can do is stand back and watch as it unfolds, occasionally uttering 'huh'. Not that I would ever trade it. Not on your life.
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