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To Those in the Know

Yesterday I had a vision about the car accident Quinn and Eamon were involved in. In the shop, which was really lovely. I had it after the accident had happened, however, and there was nothing I could do about it. I had another one last night. And today I had three visions, all things that I could do nothing about. One was simply of Caleb tripping over in the backyard. He wasn't even hurt.

I'm not entirely sure what's happening, but I think I might be going back on the medication again full time. The last vision today came with a pretty shocking seizure, complete with my head connecting with the coffee table, and now I feel like my entire body is screaming. I just hate taking those pills. What if I miss something?!


And before any of you suggest it or worry, I already got a CT scan this afternoon because Aly was giving me the Look, and it was clear. And then Aly made me go to bed but I got two cookies from Ben's, so that was okay.
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