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To Those in the Know


We'll be back in London in a few hours. I'm in an airport, watching Saul and Ryn wheedle their dealios with the thing and playing with my stupid, inexplicable iPhone. I don't so much do this...covert, underhandy stuff. Or technology. I bet someone else will have to post this for me.

Anyway, we managed to break our way through the guards without much fighting. Namely because Mirela and Joel put on quite a show. The Templar have decided I'm the Antichrist and nothing can sway that belief, so we showed them what messing with that kind of thing entails.

I uhm...do think some of them might be too terrified to do much of anything beyond crying into their holy water for the next six months.

We rescued three people. Amaris got away. Long story, and the fault of the Templar. I think she'll stay hidden for a while.
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