October 9th, 2006

Welcome to my hospital

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Thomas is making me say this here, though I have to admit, I didn't put up much of an argument. I have a lot to apologise for, and believe me I plan on doing so. That being said, I think I've worked through the main issues at hand and I'll deal with the rest as they come.

My girls just arrived home, but they're far too tired to see anyone. I'll be seeing them tomorrow. Which is probably for the best, considering a certain massive hangover that won't just leave me alone.

Thank you to every single one of you, not only for not giving up on me, but also for being amazing incredible people and supporting each other through everything. I love you.

Thomas also says to say he loves you all as well, and that he's most likely leaving tonight, but he'll see you all sometime in the not to distant future. Don't let that worry you! He says he's sure to visit again.

I hope I see a lot of everyone soon. Forced isolation does tend to make one lonely and wanting company.