October 21st, 2006

Alley Sly

Filtered to Slink

Slink, I wanted you to know that Josie showed up at my house yesterday. Everything's fine. We had a talk and I believe she's going to be staying at my guest house. The one Robert used to stay in. I thought you'd want know.

Also, she spoke about her mother. She said the woman was thousands of years old. Do you know anything else about this woman?
Alley Sly

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I'm thinking of taking bets on how long I can go without injuring a part of myself. I know it seems like a macabre sort of thing to bet on, but maybe it will encourage me to stop finding myself in hospital rooms with sarcastic doctors that ask stupid questions.

I am back at Victoria Lane after my surprising house guest from yesterday. Deirdre tried to teach me how to make 'flapjacks' which I believe was just a ploy to get me to say 'flapjack' a bunch of times. I ended up burning the hand I recieved stitches in yesterday. I could be a walking comedy show. At least it made Deirdre laugh. And while I worry that she was laughing at the expense of pain, who am I to judge? Any laughter is better than none.

And at least I didn't have to go to the hospital for this one and get asked questions like 'What did you do, burn yourself?' Yes. Clearly I burned myself. Way to go on that medical degree.

Oh dear, I think spending vast amounts of time here is beginning to affect me.
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