October 23rd, 2006

Shy Panda

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I wanted to let you all know I'm back at home now, if you need to reach me for whatever reason. Deirdre says she's feeling much better and she wanted to stop monopolising me even though she knows I don't mind. She also said if I didn't stop saying I didn't mind she was going to make me make flapjacks again as punishment.

The horror!

So here I am. I have been attacked by Aly and Cardinal Sin but not necessarily in that order. Kat, your dog is gigantic and very very friendly. He knocked me in to a potted plant, but Liz said 'I never liked that one anyway, thanks Cardinal Sin' as if I had nothing to do with the offing of said plant. Ah it's a thankless exsistence. Except it's not. Did I mention I was attacked by Aly?

That was thanks enough. For a great many things.

I have a few things to do at my old house, but I'll have my mobile with me if anyone needs to call.

Almost forgot. I came home to a package from my friend Rolf. It's a very old book and it's in Aramaic. I'm going to start translating it tonight. He said I would find it 'enlightening'.
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