November 1st, 2006


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Today I asked the gorgeous Alyona to marry me. She said yes. I've honestly never been happier in my life.

Of course not an hour after I asked, Liz and Emma got out the Wedding Books of Doom that I swear materialised from nowhere. All the women in the house were suddenly oohing and ahhing over dresses and things. And I mean all of them, even my 11 year old and my 8 year old. This is what I get for living in a house full of females. Caleb looked bored so I offered to take him on a 'manly walk' and he gladly accepted.

We started off wondering how one would take a manly walk because let's face it, I am not manly. Caleb said we should grunt, so we did. Then he got tired of that so we talked instead. I asked him what he thought about me marrying his mum and he said he thought it was brilliant. He talked for a long time about how sad she used to be and how he's glad she smiles 'all the time' now. He said he likes that I'm 'very silly' too. That's good because I don't think I could ever be not very silly! He says he likes that he can call me 'daddy' because he always wanted one. I said I always wanted a son too and I was very honoured that he would be mine. He seemed to like that. I'm very glad, Caleb is an amazingly wonderful boy.

What else does a manly walk entail? I'll tell you. Apparently for Caleb, it entails falling into a creek and giving Peter a heart attack. Then Peter jumps in to save him only to find out that the water is only about 4 centimeters deep and the rest was mud, which Caleb was slowly sinking in to with a surprised yet terrified look on his face. He was rescued from the mud with a satisfying squelching sound and proceeded to get Peter even more muddy as I carried him home because he was then afraid of wayward mudpuddles. Which I don't blame himm for, but there was no one to carry me...

When we arrived back at the house, Liz was lovely enough to point out that we were being terribly cliche with the 'girls' pouring over dress magazines and the 'boys' getting muddy. Of course Aly was kind and informed us that we just looked like her in her younger years, hence breaking the stereotype.

Now I'm going to have nightmares about mudmonsters. And also Aly's father beating me with a cane...
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