November 9th, 2006

Well Shite, Saddy McSaderson

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Because now is a time when it's hard to find something to laugh about, I have this for you.

Look it's my old Abbey. And you can ask monks questions. It's funnier if you KNOW the monks that would be answering them. I can't believe they have computers now. It's changed! And look at that guy. He's on the phone and the computer. He's a multitasker!

Also, Deirdre made a lovely post here which...reminds me of happy things instead of sad things. Thank you, Deirdre. If you look at the post, don't believe the lies they spread!

Please remember to be careful and to call me if you need me. Oh, and Kat is here and she's doing..better. A little better. We'll take care of her.
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