November 11th, 2006

Beautiful View

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I finalised several things for the wedding yesterday because having something to focus on makes my brain feel better. So the venue has been finalised. We're getting married here. Don't faint, David. And Father Bianco is all ready to pretend he doesn't know we're not Catholic, which is brilliant. And there's music and food and the girl's dresses have been ordered and the flowers as well (orange blossoms and roses). And Caleb's little suit! He is adorable although he frowned the entire time he was trying it on. Invitations have already been sent. Phew. I didn't quite know that Aly had such a large family in Spain and they're all coming. I'm very excited to meet them all! The wedding won't start until around 7, and the reception will last a very long time, so I'm told. Into the night!

I met Aly and David's parents and they are wonderful. I was very nervous, but there was no beating of any kind. I recieved lots of kisses on the cheek though! Jacinta asked me if my mother was going to walk be down the aisle and I had to inform her that my mother has passed on. I didn't know that in Spanish weddings, the groom gets walked down the aisle too. And Liz can't because she's in the wedding party. We'll figure something out!

Oh, and Deirdre, if you still want to be cooking, you should meet Aly's mother. She says she'd love to help you and she's used to the big family dinners back home so feeding so many people won't be a problem.

Aly decided she'd like to wear a black dress and veil as well, as was the custom before everyone decided white was in. She said I'm not allowed to show you the dress, but I can show you the picture I took her her trying on the veil this morning in the back yard.

Look how gorgeous she is.

I'm a very very lucky man.
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