November 15th, 2006

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November 15th, 2006

It's odd the kinds of things that will remind us of what we have and how far we've come. If you had asked me several months ago if Tasha would be living in my house right now, I probably would have fallen over and then taken my kids and headed for safety. But now I'm honoured to have her here. She's lost something so important and for her to be strong enough to ask for help through that even though I could have said no...that speaks volumes about her and I couldn't be prouder.

Tasha used to be someone who hurt people for her own enjoyment. It wasn't for gain or anything else. It was for pleasure. She didn't know how else to be. She hurt people close to me at the time and she didn't care. It took hurting Renee to make her realise she needed to change and it took the strong words of a demon to help her turn it around. But she has. She's come through incredible hardship and turned into a wonderful woman who has helped my niece become happy not to mention what she's done for Deirdre. I am more than happy to be her legal guardian and have her in my home. I'm more than happy that she's taking my name. And I wonder why it took so long for someone to reach out. If Tasha isn't beyond redemption, no one is. Not even demons. And if Tasha isn't beyond forgiveness, no one is. And she's not.

Welcome to the family, Tasha Kemp.
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To Cry, Grief

Filtered to David

David, I think you might need to come over. We might have a problem. The last couple of days Aly's been rather short with me and telling me she's been eating with your parents because they have so many arrangements to make. I never even thought twice about that because they're your parents and when I was there I think they fed me enough for 12 Peters. The thing is, your mum called me this afternoon to get a quote on RSVPs and when I mentioned that I was glad they were seeing a lot of each other, your mother informed me that Aly hasn't been eating there. In fact she has been going there to plan things but she always leaves before dinner, saying she has to eat it here but she never gets back here until around 9 or 10. I know the conclusion most people would jump to is that she's cheating on me, but that's ridiculous. I know Aly and she wouldn't. It has to be...other things... And now that I think about it, she leaves in the morning before I wake up, so I don't have a chance to have breakfast with her and she's at work for lunch...I don't think I've seen her eat anything since Sunday.

I really hope I'm jumping to conclusions. She's not home yet, doesn't get home until about 2:30, but I think both of us might be better here.
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