November 21st, 2006


Filtered to David and Deirdre

Hello! It's Thomas here! I've stolen Peter's journal without him knowing because he's currently spending time with his wife-to-be. Not the kind of time I'm sure he wants to be spending as she's still in hospital, but they're cute all the same. I opted to put a picture of me on his journal after I figured out the password (Peter is so predictable) instead of getting myself one of these journals. Stealing Peter's is MUCH more fun! There's pictures of him in tutus. And really, how much good would it do me to have one of my very own? Dead people do not have journals.

Anyway, what I actually have to say is that Peter and I were talking last night while Aly slept. I think she could sleep through a nuclear holocaust...and we got on the topic of the girl that did this to the lovely Aly and their unborn child. Peter's still livid and understandably so. And I, genius that I am, realised that I could once again make myself useful. I might be able to get her to admit to trying to kill people. She can't hurt me nor can she kill me, NOR does she know who I am. I'm assuming you two can tell me where she lives? Peter mentioned that Deirdre said she was staying at the professor's old house. I plan to present myself with the excuse that I'm an electrician (thanks, David) and we'll see where it goes from there. I may not know what edible undies are (well I do now...) but I think I can swing something. I do tend to make girls giggle a lot for some reason...

Peter's going to talk to his policeman friend today when he's done canoodling. I'll stay with Aly so she's not alone. He thinks he can get me a wire. Check me out, how cool will I be all wired up?! Anyway, if I want to be convincing I need information on this Richard arsehole so I can seem like I've been going there for years. Deirdre, sweetheart, I can understand if you don't want to help out there.

Hopefully we can get this girl behind bars.
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