November 22nd, 2006

Far Away

To those in the know

Hey look, it's Peter using his own journal. Unbelievable!

Aly came home this morning and she is currently busy having a marathon sleep. I'm actually quite impressed. She's going to be awake all night at this rate, but when I told her that she didn't seem to want to hear it. I decided to just let her do what she wanted to do. I think that was best for my safety...

What I want to know is who spoke with Kat last night. She came over here this morning and engaged me in a massive slapping contest though it was rather one-sided I'm happy to say. Happy for her, not for me. She totally won. And she punched me in the arm! Oh right, I wasn't intending on whining. She was pretty scared. Thomas calmed her down. She called him a zombie, which was actually rather funny, even to him. Not so funny to Kat. I'm not saying you shouldn't have told her. Not at all, you did the right thing, I just want to know how much she knows. She didn't even seem to know that. She seems okay now, but if I'm going to fill her in the rest of the way, I need to know if the conversation was just about Thomas, or if it included..everything.

And how come no one ever slaps Thomas, why is it always me?! It must be those manly wiles you were talking about yesterday.
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