November 27th, 2006


To David

Hello, David. And...well..Thomas because he steals my account. Today I was visited by my lovely friend Brother Stuart from Downside Abbey. The same Brother Stuart I didn't invite to my wedding because I didn't want him to see Thomas. Except Thomas, the stooge, saw Stuart from the window and instead of hiding, he waved. He waved. And then realised maybe that wasn't a good idea but it was a bit late by then! So Stuart saw him and asked if he was an angel. I think in the end we were both as shocked as each other. Thomas? He just kissed me on the cheek, ran outside, did a 'going to see Kat' dance and drove away.


But now Stuart is coming to the wedding. And he doesn't think I'm a necromancer, which is good. I kind of explained it, saying no Thomas is not an angel. He's just...special. And of course, our good old friend religion filled in the rest as Stuart said 'ah, God works in mysterious ways. It's a miracle, praise the Lord.'


How is Lavannah, David? Just so you're aware, if you ever needed me to help financially with anything for her, I'd be glad to. I did think she'd choose to stay with you, I just don't want it to be a burden. Not that you'd ever think that about her. I take it that her staying with you means as much to you as it does to her, am I right? I hope it's all going well.
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