December 5th, 2006


Friends Locked

I've been speaking to Liz today. She's doing better. She made me realise something. I lost my parents at a relatively young age and possibly because of that, I am prone to...we'll call it Hero Worship. I don't have parental figures to turn to really, so I put people up on pedestals. I was thinking of all the people I put up there today, Aly, Liz, David, Thomas, Deirdre, Rolf to a certain extent, Pierre...the list goes on and on. I think, because of that, it's easy for me to forget that those people are normal just like me. Humans...or any living creature, are not by their very nature, infallible. Nothing is, despite what those weird guys who dress in black with white collars want you to believe. Even the most amazing people, even at their best, are capable of making mistakes. Those mistakes do not detract from who they are as a person. They add to it. What sets them apart from the others is how they handle those mistakes. If they do not let those mistakes define them.

I made a mistake yesterday. I let my anger take over and I shouldn't have. I'm dreadfully sorry.

Thomas, Emma? Please come home? Come home so we can fix this? Don't let your mistake define you too.
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