December 16th, 2006


Friends Only

I do love the interwebs now that I am not afraid of it anymore. Even if this weird journal thing is all changed and I can't find how to do anything anymore! But I looked up all sorts of baby websites and discovered things I didn't know before. Like my baby has hair now! And if it has hair like mine, I do feel sorry for it! And we should be able to feel the baby move soon! Aly is at week 15 and according to most websites, that happens around week 17. Look at me, I'm knowledge man! Also, at the end of January we'll be able to know the sex of the baby. Bot of us agree that waiting until the end is a bit pointless. Anna, however, has already informed me that it is a boy. That would mean we have two daughters and two sons! Though it doesn't really matter either way.

To further prove how excited I am, I read several books to the baby today (they start to remember things around week 23!) and I read Love You Forever which was a mistake because I used to read that to Lydia when she was a baby and it made me cry like a big silly girl. Me crying made Aly cry and then Anna came in and thought something terrible had happened, so she started crying. Lydia entered the room, and being the wonderful big sister she is, she accused us of 'being mean' to Anna. We had to explain that it wasn't sad crying, it was happy crying. And then Caleb entered and informed us all that he's going to take 'ninja lessons like Pierre does'. I took him with me to see the tournament because I knew he'd like it, and so he's going to sign up for some karate classes next week. Not so much ninja classes, however. As much fun as it sounds to have a son that's a professional assassin, it's not very practical.


Ahem, anyway. Anna has her ballet, Lydia has her horses, Caleb has his karate and Baby has making Mummy and Daddy cry. I think that sounds wonderful!

Also, Tasha, Liz and Emma say that if you want to stay with them and Hope when Aly and I are in Ireland, they'd love to have you. They'll understand if you stay with Renee instead. The kids are going to stay with Aly's parents. I didn't think you'd want to be alone, though you're welcome to do that too. It's up to you, Sweetheart.
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