December 19th, 2006

Looking Down

To Those in the Know

Today I saw a demon I had sought to help many years ago. Her name is Caoilfhionn and she hasn't changed at all. She looks like a doll and it's frightening because one moment she's smiling innocently at you and the next...well...she's not. I'm going to do some checking around up here. It's impossible to ask her whether she was born this way or if it was done to her. She talks in riddles most of the time. Or feeds off my soul to distract me. Not so fond of that. I don't know how much I'll be able to do, but I'll continue to try. After the new year I have to make trips to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Munich as well.

As for Miriam, I have hope for her. She's Samantha's mother and she wasn't born a demon. She doesn't seem very connected to the demonic spirit in her. I got a call from Samantha today. She hurt herself in hospital, but they can't find a mark on her. She told Samantha someone told her to do it, but she doesn't know who it was. I don't think separating her from her spirit would wouldn't be like Mia. That's what I've been led to believe.

On the tourist side of things, Aly and I are having a fantastic time with one another doing all the things newlyweds are supposed to do when they go away together including ignoring the touristy sites and staying inside and ordering room service. Amoung other things. I hope you're all well.
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