December 30th, 2006

Sad Lydia

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Today I managed to utterly offend my dear Lydia. We had an outing just the two of us because emotions were running high and understandably so. Caleb wasn't so effected and Anna seems to be very peaceful about the entire thing which makes her daddy feel a great deal better. Anyway, Lydia asked that we just spend some time just the two of us, and I thought that was a very good idea. We went and she taught me how to brush her new horse, Sebastian, and I would like to point out that I was very good and I didn't run away from the thing in fear! Then we went shopping (after we changed in to non-horsey clothes...) and had a nice lunch.

So what did I do that offended my daughter so? I didn't understand at first either, we were just in the middle of a store and she started to give me the silent treatment. I thought at first that it was about Kat, but she continued to avoid me and she wouldn't tell me why. Then she burst in to tears and I finally managed to drag it out of her. I had offended her by trying to buy her a colouring book. I still didn't understand until she said 'I don't want to use other people's lines, Daddy, I want to make my own!'

Well said, Little Girl. May you always make your own lines.

Of course then we had a little chat about talking about what's bothering you, but she always has before. That, I suspect, was caused by the stress of what's been happening lately and little else. But not causing her father a heart attack is generally for the best. It's very hard to use calming words when your heart is suddenly pounding away in your throat.

It's amazing how many people glare at you when you have a crying child in a store. She wasn't pitching a fit or crying because I wouldn't buy her a toy or anything. She was genuinely upset. If adults are allowed to be upset about things, why aren't children? Either way, we ignored them and went to Bernotti's for ice cream and she drew me a picture of a horse.

With her own lines.
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