December 31st, 2006


Friends Only

Yes, my wife speaks the truth. Tasha has proven she is indeed one of my daughters by dressing me up and making me look very odd indeed. It was her idea! But it was fun and I think what both of us needed. Maybe I didn't need the stockings down my shirt. Oh and apparently my skin is lovely and pale and I don't require foundation. Who knew?! Tasha took pictures. I want her to send them to the Pope!

Today I went with Aly to her specialist. I love the ultrasound because I get to see the baby. There's a printout on the fridge and when Caleb asked what it was, I told him it was his new little brother. His response? "My new brother looks like Krang." My reponse was to stare at the picture and realise that Caleb is sort of right. My wife is giving birth to Krang. May he conquer the world in a way that is fair to all involved, I suppose.

After the specialist appointment I went with Uncle Gabriel and Aunt Jane to see Kat. She still can't have visitors but her parents wanted me there when they went to see her because they were afraid they'd say something stupid. Those were their words! As it turns out, they didn't say anything stupid and I was a trifle superfluous but that's really for the best anyway. Kat is going to be just fine. She's already made some very important discoveries and decisions. She says Thomas and Isabelle can go see her some time in the next few days. Everyone else can visit after that.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve and please be careful. If anyone needs me to pick them up from anywhere, I would be glad to. Now I will stop acting like your father. Hah! No chance of that.

I'm fun, right?!
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