January 7th, 2007

Confused, You're Weird.

Friends Only

Today Deirdre brought Anna a Sachertorte because Anna is Viennese and Deirdre knew she'd like it. Anna went absolutely crazy over it and I think she ate the entire thing before anyone could stop her. Then Deirdre gave me my present. It was a Rammstein DVD. She giggled the entire time I opened it and then she showed me a bit from it.

One of the Rammstein guys tries to cook the other one while singing a song about cannibalism. And not just any cannibalism...

I am very confused as to why Deirdre decided I needed this DVD. She said I should listen to something other than Dream Theater. I'm not entirely convinced. Aly, however, loves it and now she's borrowed Deirdre's albums and she keeps asking me what the lyrics mean. Which of course sometimes I'm rather hesitant to translate, which she thinks is cute. I believe she tries to find ones she knows are going to make me turn red.

Or Rosenrot. Take your pick.

Deirdre left feeling quite proud of herself. As she should.
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