January 9th, 2007

Shy Panda

Filtered to David

Hello, David. I have an extremely odd favour to ask you. First though, does someone have to be a student at London Uni to work as a TA? What about in the Library. Because one of Tasha's old friends from Russia is looking for a job. He says he wants to save up for University.

Okay, now the favour. You can see my dreams. Well, I mean you could if you wanted to. And the demon in Brazil that I've been dreaming of...every time I go in to the room where she is, I take her place. I can't see her. I have been informed that this means she's reaching out but she's forgotten herself. She has no self-concept because of what her family has done to her, the details of which I am not sure of. She's making me take her place so I can see what's happening to her, but that doesn't help. I need to see her as well. And perhaps if you could see her, you could describe her to me...

It's weird. I know that. And there's no guarentee I'll even dream about her at any given moment. If I'm doing anything...untoward...just...don't look.
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