February 24th, 2007


Friends Only

Renee, Kait, Deirdre, Aly and I have to take Caleb to hospital for some tests. I don't know how long we'll be but I'll come over to see you sometime after we're finished.

EDIT: Back now. The tests will take a few days so we don't know anything definite yet, but the doctor thinks the most likely problem is diabetes. We're going to spend a quiet day in. We went to rent DVDs and we're going to relax as much as we can.
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Pissed Off

To those in the know

I did it. I let the arsehole go and what did he do? He sucked my soul and broke my fucking wrist again. So now, I have to have surgery and get pins put in.

So, what do you holier than thou dead people suggest I do now when he inevitably shows up at my front door looking for blood?

Why people can't mind their own fucking business I'll never know.
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