March 2nd, 2007


Friends Only

Who put a plastic spider in my bed!?

I thought it was real, and I'll have you know I squealed a rather unmanly squeal and told Aly to 'get it'. She kindly told me to 'get it myself' until I returned from the storage room with the spider spray. She said I was not allowed to spray the bed and I said she told me to get it and she went over and found out it was plastic. Not funny! And she didn't tell me that and then she threw it at me and collapsed laughing at the little 'oh god get it off' dance I did into the hallway. Then, of course, Rosa saw and thought there was something invisible attacking me so she rushed forward and knocked me over...

All over a spider. Made of plastic. And from China, apparently. At least Aly was amused. She still can't stop laughing every time she looks at me, which is not good for the old ego, let me tell you.

I have wrist surgery tomorrow so I can't eat anything. How come I'm never hungry until I'm not allowed to eat? Mystery of the Universe, I suppose.

Thomas, I'm looking at you for this spider thing. It has your name written all over it. it has China on it, but it's your Modus Operandi!
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