March 6th, 2007

Hands in the Hair

Friends Only

Apparently telling my pregnant cousin who's been told she has to stay in bed, that she shouldn't have her 3 and a half tonne dalmation in the bed WITH her makes me a 'fuddy duddy'. I'm afraid he'll crush her! Of course, Cardinal Sin is very careful with her. He only crushes me. Woe is Peter 'Fuddy Duddy' Kemp.

And now the house is full, which makes me very happy. I love a full house. Yet at the same time, Thomas was going to have to sleep on the sofa. Until of course, my dear little girls decided to both sleep in Lydia's room and have a sleepover. Which, incidently, never involves much sleep. More giggling and going 'SHHHHH!' when they hear me coming up the stairs to check on them. And then they pretend to be asleep and it's adorable because they peek with one eye to see if I'm looking! So now Thomas is sleeping in a purple bed that says 'Princess'.

I am so getting a picture of that. I shall call it revenge.
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