March 7th, 2007


Friends Only

Terrible things happened today. Terrible things happen everyday, and they touch so many people in different ways. Sometimes it's so easy to forget that wonderful things happen everyday too.

Today I sang a song to Deirdre and I held her in my arms and I felt peaceful, and gave peace at the same time. Today so many of Kat's friends rallied to her side that I honestly think the house might explode at the seams and I love that. Today Caleb said 'I love you, Daddy' to me and he gave me a hug. For no reason. Just because he wanted me to know. Today Thomas made me remember what I love about him...though really, he does that every day. I drank tea and I ate pancakes and I remember when I couldn't, so I think those are wonderful things too. Today my girls put ribbons in my hair, and they made Thomas match as well. I spent time with my sister. I spent time with my wife, which is making me blush, I'll have you know. I looked over at Hope and Tasha at breakfast and they smiled at me and I remember thinking how gorgeous they were, and so happy. I felt my son moving and I felt my twin cousins do the same. I gave Renee, Pierre and Slink hugs, and was reminded of how many wonderful friends I have, and how supportive they are. I read some of your journals and do you know what I saw? Offers of help. Offers of support. 'I love you'. Everywhere. That is amazing.

I share this because in the grand scheme of things, these events might seem insignificant. They are not necessarily life changing (with the possible exception of the time I spent with Aly...) but they are life sustaining. That alone is powerful. These things are easy to forget when so much else goes on. They are small moments. But they add up to so much more. Don't forget the wonderful things.

You all bring me so much joy. So thank you.
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