March 9th, 2007


Friends Only

Considering I just put Aly to sleep after certain things again, I think it's safe to say that everything is okay with us. We've worked through what needed to be worked through. And then the...sleeping. And crazy Peter here talking to you so he can be...not crazy. Or something.

Don't ask me, I spent last night having to hear detailed stories of the times Kat was with Tasha. And the night before that I had to hear Thomas stories I may never be able to block from my mind. I'm fragile.

This post is going to be all over the place. It is a symbolic representation of how I am feeling right now. Feel free to be suitably awed. Here is another representation. That one is just awful instead of awefull.

I probably should get this out there because it's not something that is going to remain sucessfully hidden for long. Just...I hope you don't think less of me. The woman that abducted David and me, Svetlana, forced me to sleep with her. She said she would kill David if I didn't cooperate, and she would have. Now she is pregnant with my child. This is not...the best news I have ever recieved in my life, as you can imagine. But just know, I'm taking care of things. She's being dealt with in the safest way possible. If any of you have any...specific concerns in this unfiltered post, feel free to screen comments and I'll try to explain things as best I can. You can ask anything, I'm sick of secrets.

Also, if any of you see Lavannah, could you let me know, please? Chances are she's gone to stay with her family, but...just in case.

Oh, and Liz...the person who robbed our house confessed. He wanted to pay us back for everything and he had the money, but I told him to use it to sort his life out or I'd press charges. Is that fair?

That was a lot. Now I'm tired.
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