March 12th, 2007

I don't want to believe

To those in the know

Lavannah Adams.

I do not appreciate being locked in my fucking toolshed for 18 fucking hours. Do you...understand what that did to me? What it could have done... What is going on? Where did you go last night, Sweetheart? Look, I'm not angry with you. No, I can't lie. I am angry. I'm angry and hurt, but you know I'll listen to anything you have to say and I'll be here for you despite what happened. I just need to know that everything's okay.

And don't you ever go in to my house with my family like that again. I had no way of knowing what you were doing, and if you put them in any sort of danger, I wouldn't be pleased about it to say the least. I've never had a reason not to trust you, Lavannah. Don't give me one now. I love you very much. I know it hurts that David left, but he'll come back. He wouldn't break a promise to you.

Speaking of David, I had a dream about him in Nova Prata. He had a gun in his hands. I am not happy or comfortable with that. David is probably the last person who needs a fucking firearm right now. What should we do about it?

And if I happen to be short with anyone, I apologise in advance. I've just had a bit of a traumatic experience. I will try to keep it civil.
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