March 19th, 2007


To Those in the Know

Apparently when your mum tells you she sees everything, she's not kidding. Just a word of advice there...

My mother was indeed the person who caused all the whoopdedoo at the Prince Albert Road house. Renee spoke with her today and she's given us a lot of important information. There's a certain Father Alvarez that terrorised Rosa in Nova Prata. It turns out he's here. This is rather grim news. He's come back for Rosa and he knew she was staying with me. Luckily he doesn't know where this house is. He has Lavannah though. And while I am certain he is caring for her, because she has great worth, she doesn't belong there. She is not his possession. Neither is Rosa.

I've located the abbey that Father Alvarez is staying at and Deirdre is going to accompany me there. I don't think Father Alvarez is alone, however. When I dreamt of this, I couldn't save Rosa, which is of course, why she is staying here. But Deirdre is just as valuable to him as Rosa is. Who knows, I might even be of interest to him because I wouldn't die if you strapped me to a fucking crucifix and didn't feed me for five years either.'s where I ask the difficult question. And please understand that I am not doing so lightly, so you shouldn't agree lightly either. Is there anyone willing to accompany us to retrieve Lavannah and hopefully disuade Father Alvarez from trying to retrieve Rosa? It might be dangerous. Or it might be incredibly easy, we won't know until we get there.

If you don't feel it's something you can do, I understand, and appreciate the consideration. Someone who is distracted or not feeling sure of themselves is potentially worse than less people.
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