March 23rd, 2007

MMmmm Black and White, omgyum

To those in the know

Today I was giving Aly a bath...because that's what I do, and I saw the shape of a hand pressing out of her skin and I was terrified. She laughed at me, because apparently that's normal and Thomas seems to like it when Aly's in the bath. But a hand! It was like something out of Alien. I mean I know my son's in there and everything, but there's nothing quite like seeing a hand pressing against your wife from the inside...

Anyway, funny story out of the way. One of my fellow former monks from Downside rang me this afternoon. He is not a big fan of me, but he felt I should know. Apparently Father Alvarez was there asking about Thomas Littleton. I knew I shouldn't have given his name, but I couldn't think of another one...dammit. He said he didn't give Father Alvarez any information whatsoever other than Thomas is dead, but of course he saw him talking to Brother Graheme's very possible that Father Alvarez knows who I am. Graheme's a great git and he'd probably rejoice in the oppurtunity to hurt me. If he knows who I am, it possible he knows this address.

It's very likely that Rosa needs a new place to stay.
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