March 28th, 2007

Welcome to my hospital

Friends Only

I am up to my ears in naughty children. Well, that's not strictly true. Only two of them are being naughty. Two are being wonderful and two aren't really...born yet, so they're not naughty. But my children are usually so kind to each other so when they fight it's...all the more traumatising.

And really, what kind of a complaint is 'Daddy, he's breathing again'? Oh, I'm sorry. I'll just get him to stop that for you. Pesky oxygen users. Always breathing and being rude. And then they hit each other over the head with noodles (Pool noodles, not like...fettuccine) and throw balls at each other and when asked to apologise they both say "He/she started it!"

So now they don't get to watch the telly, which neither of them like particularly anyway, but the fact that they can't means they have to and they're now mad at me.

I hope they don't hit me with noodles. Though actually...I'd prefer that to the fighting.

Oh and Svetlana dropped in for a visit. Surprise!

Need sleep.
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