March 31st, 2007

Generally Bemused

To those in the know

I saw David today. That was good I think, for both of us. It's making me think of all sorts of things, but scattered thoughts are ones I always handle best when I'm writing with a pen and paper.

The dreams haven't returned to me and I know by saying this that I'm dooming myself to suffering them tonight, but perhaps I want to. I think part of me is desperate to hide from them...and everything else, and the other part of me wants to know more. And if I'm going to find something important out, I might as well tempt the fate of dreams and suffer the nightmares.

Or I could eat seven eclairs and feel quite ill.

But god they were good.
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Oh Bugger

To those in the know

I bonded with William over pancakes and then I had more dreams. I think I understand a little more now. Clearly pancakes are the way to the truth. In Pancakes Veritas.

Paul's doing better today. He even spent some time with William and I playing some ridiculous card game I swear William was making up as we played while Aly was visiting her parents with the kids. He still managed to win about 10,000 fake monopoly pounds. He says he wants to teach it to Rosa sometime and that makes me fearful. Rosa will win and be richer than the Queen. monopoly funds.

Tonight Liz and Emma are taking the kids over to their house and I'm taking Aly out. Deirdre, could William stay with you? I don't want him to feel awkward and he can't stay with David because Christina would recognise him from the pictures. Same goes for Emma and Hope. Well...and Caleb.

I love you all.
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