April 2nd, 2007


To Those in the Know and Kat, From Thomas

I'm in Bath. I chatted up a certain Brother Graheme who not only fainted at seeing me, but then he fainted again. And he called Peter a pansy? Talk about pathetic. Anyway I told him I'd come from beyond the grave to torment him because he was an arse and I wanted to know how to contact this Alvarez character. He seemed quite happy to talk as one would be when a very tall man is holding them off of the ground by their ears.

I have the bastard's mobile number and the suite in London where he was staying. Now I just hope he's still there.

I told Graheme if he told anyone he'd seen me that I'd haunt his arse, but I think it's be funny if he did tell them. They'd probably lock him up and I think he could use that. Or the world could. Either way, I let him know that when he says Peter killed me, Thomas gets very angry and will wreak all kinds of ghostly revenge. He apologised and started saying all this stuff about praise god for he has sinned and I kind of wanted to leave after that.

Anyway...progess so..thought you should hear.